The Story of Biggie.

The company mainly produces aromatic and cleaning products, the flagship product: the urine bucket deodorant pads, fragrances, microbial deodorant. And constantly develop new products. We provide high-quality products, the choice of more environmentally friendly materials for production, almost all of our chosen materials are biodegradable or recyclable. Use these materials to produce urine bucket aromatic mats, splash special incense mat or other products have such characteristics.

Meanwhile, we are one of the few companies do use microbial products, we will microorganism technology and traditional cosmetic formulations combined together, make us both a bio-environmental protection, as well as product features and be strengthened. At present we can provide microbial products include solid class, the class, or the concentrated formulation after dilution while keeping up with the international development trend, making our product upgrades and improvements.

Our difference is that we do not only a manufacturing company, we also use our expertise to microbiological techniques and the date of Sustained investment and effort to develop new products, to provide better quality, more features products to our consumers. In the past few years, we have helped many clients were successful in product development. Each customer’s requirements are different for each customer are also in pursuit of innovation, customer communication that, we are good at listening and put forward their views and suggestions, from the initial idea, we help our customers achieve step by step they wanted. Faced with new economic challenges and opportunities, we will seize the opportunity to constantly challenge and achieve a new round of large-scale development.


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