The Complete Solution For Washroom Cleaning And Odor Control

The Complete Solution For Washroom Cleaning And Odor Control

Have you ever been so pressed to use the washroom but on getting there, the odor oozing from it was so bad it made your urge miraculously disappear? Yeah, I know. Terrible memories you’d rather forget.

You see, no matter how great or posh an establishment is, once the washroom is unpleasant, it messes up whatever positive image the establishment has – literally.

A clean odorless washroom goes beyond just mopping and scrubbing, it involves identifying and tackling each possible cause of an unhygienic, foul-smelling washroom. As a commercial business, your washroom cleaning should be stress-free, budget-friendly, and effective. Which is where we come in – with a solution to your odor woes.

So let’s get to it.

l Restroom Entrance

Do you know that from the first whiff of air gotten at the toilet entrance, the washroom would already be judged? Unfortunately, some toilets and urinals have bad odors that make people turn away at the entrance meanwhile the floors are sparkling and the toilets are well flushed.

In anything, the first impression matters a lot. This is why you need to spice up the toilet with fragrances that are pleasant to the nose, using the Tower Air Freshener.

Tower Air Freshener is a fantastic solution for odor control. It has its dispenser which can be attached to, and it can also be fitted to other fan-dispensers without fears of it spilling or breaking. The unique fragrance it brings to your entryways, washroom stalls, lobbies, and various places, can last up to a month without needing batteries or fans. Plus, it is 100% recyclable.

l Women’s Washroom

Another source of odor is the toilet. Since the toilet is used for both urine and solid waste, its seat and bowl, along with its drainage pipe should be properly taken care of. This is done by cleaning each toilet after every use.

With modern products like Bio-Enzymatic Automatic Bowl Cleaner and Deodorizer, the toilets are automatically cleaned with every flush to remove stains, prevent a build-up of waste, and keep the drain system clean.

Also, using Diamond Toilet Bowl Clip Air Freshener keeps the toilet itself smelling fresh since it can be attached to the side of the toilet bowl (where the seat goes down) or on the wall, or anywhere you like. An advantage of this Diamond toilet bowl clip is that it doesn’t dissolve when wet, neither does it pollute the water. It is firm and completely recyclable.

l Urinals

Urine is the most common cause for odors in any washroom, and urinals are often its victim. This is because the human urine contains uric acid, salt, water, electrolytes, and other chemicals; which when provided with the right environment, would cause bacteria to grow.

When it comes to urinals, urine can hit the surface with a force that causes its droplets to splash around and about the urinal, sometimes even splashing outside the urinal and landing on walls, floors, and its environs.

To prevent urine droplets spreading around the urinal, get a urinal screen like Wave & Wind Urinal Screen Air Freshener or an Anti-splash urinal screen such as:

       | Wave 2.0 urinal screen

| Shield Anti-splash protector urinal screen

| Spiral biological anti-splash urinal screen.

These screens prevent splashes and keep the urinal smelling fragrant. They are all recyclable and have a long-lasting life for up to a month. They can fit different urinal designs of your choice, and come in 15 different scents.

The Spiral Urinal Screen Air Freshener also contains billions of beneficial bacteria that fight the odor-causing bacteria while keeping the drain clean and fresh for a month. They too come in different scents and styles.

l  Toilet Partition

In eliminating odors from your washroom, the toilet partitions should not be left out. Whether it is stalls or urinal partitions, with Diamond Air Freshener, you can keep the air smelling fragrant.

Diamond Air Freshener comes with a plastic holder that sticks to any flat surface. This makes it convenient to be placed just about anywhere. It comes in 15 different colors and scents and lasts up to 30 days.  

l Men’s Washroom

This washroom typically smells of urine. Most people tend to think the urinal is the culprit, but experts have shown it is not so. Whether it is flushed or no-water urinals, the major culprit for a persistent urine smell in the men’s washroom is the surrounding surfaces like walls and floors, (given the urinals are consistently washed clean).

This odor is because of urine droplets all around the urinal, which breed bacteria in humid or warm temperatures. Though cleaning the urinal and its environs daily helps get rid of odors, preventing the very growth of odor-causing bacteria is even more of a great plan.

How? With proper ventilation, the odor-causing bacteria are not able to feed on urine droplets because the temperature is not humid or warm. Maintaining this temperature nips the problem in the bud, and aids your regular cleaning schedule.

Also, apart from all the urinal screens, making use of Bio-Tab cleaner in your urinal systems reduces your maintenance cost, as Bio-Tab cleaner breaks down the organic matter found in urine and keeps your drains free, regardless of the type of urinal you have.

l Children’s Washroom

Children are wonderful humans who can make a game out of anything, including the act of using a urinal or toilet. More often than not, the washroom comes out worse for wear. From urine or water ( or a mixture of both) spilled on the floors, to stained walls and stall doors, it is no surprise the washroom emanates odors. And solely cleaning the washroom may simply not cut it.

For the boys, there are creative urinal screens that prevent splashes while helping them to properly aim like the:

| Soccer style urinal screen

|  Hockey style urinal screen

|  American Football style urine screen

|  Australian Rugby style urine screen

It’s also of help to use air fresheners, as well as having good ventilation to prevent bacteria from breeding. Make use of diamond toilet bowl clips that can be attached to the toilet seats to help keep the toilet smelling fresh.


The state of your washroom says a lot about you to your customers and potential customers. So what does it say about you? 


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