Spiral Bio-enzymatic urinal screen

A revolutionary idea to combine urinal screen with enzymatic block.

Weight140 g
Dimensions17.8 × 17.8 × 1.4 cm


Inner box

50x24x8.5cm, 10pcs/box

Master case

52x50x28cm, 60pcs/ctn

  • Spiral biological anti-splash urinal screen is a revolutionary product combining the concept of biological with the world’s most exciting fragrance urinal mat.
  • Premium fragrance mat as well as helping to prevent drain blockages
  • World Leading Biological Enzymatic Block
  • Place the mat into the urinal with the block in an upright position with protrusions pointing upward
  • Replace mat every 30-35 days to ensure continuous protection from odor
  • Controlled release of non-pathogenic bacteria to remediate all styles of urinals
  • Suitable for use in WATERLESS URINALS

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