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After repeatedly using the fragrance of the same air freshener, it doesn’t seem to work. In many cases, this may be caused by the materials used in the fragrance manufacturing process. Because there are so many fresh air materials, most sesame oils will be released within the first 3 days after the product is opened. If you are looking for a long-term solution, it is best to look for air fresheners that use slow-release adhesives like all our products. 

Another reason is a phenomenon called perfume fatigue. In short, the receptors in the human nose that detect odors will stop sending specific odor signals to the brain. That’s why you can’t smell it on your new perfume or cologne for a few seconds. We recommend that you change the fragrance you use to combat this phenomenon. For example, instead of buying just one box of cucumber fragrance, you can also buy mango fragrance. If you switch between the two fragrances every month, the fragrance fatigue will be less obvious.

No, there is technically no such thing as an allergen free fragrance. Fragrances that boast being hypo allergenic tend to only be non-allergenic when making skin contact but not when inhaled. If there is a particular allergen you have, it’s best to avoid the oils that you know you are allergic to.

Yes, but any time we roll out anything custom of that sort of scale, we require a sizable commitment.

Yes, colors for all products can be customerized with a sizable order qty.

Yes, we have experienced designers who can make all the customerized design (product, logo, packing etc.)


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