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Who invented the urinal and why?

Although Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain” is believed to be the work of a controversial modern work of art in 1917, Andrew Rankin is the inventor of urinals. Since Rankin was patented on March 27, 1866, it has not changed much from the original design. The purpose of urinals is to enable men to urinate faster and more efficiently because they do not have doors, locks or toilet covers to compete with traditional toilet compartments.Urinals also take up less space than toilets, so toilets can add more space per foot.Another advantage of men’s urinals is that each flush uses much less water than the toilet. In fact, some urinals are waterless and do not flush at all.

Why we need to use urinal screens and mats?

The last thing you want is an unpleasant smell from the urinal to greet guests and customers. Urinal mats are a small detail that makes a big difference in the bathroom environment, and Biggie products offer a wide selection of urinal screens and mats at a reasonable price regardless of the budget. The high-quality urinal screen can not only deodorize, but also effectively block sundries and protect the drain pipe during each flushing. We provide a complete set of urinal screens and mats for your office, company building, restaurant, or school bathroom. Urinals are often a breeding ground for bacteria and unpleasant smells, and urinal pads can effectively help control the situation. Avoid the potential health risks of unmaintained urinals by hoarding these important urinals. Whether you are looking for a design that will not splash or a diaper gasket that is compatible with deodorizing blocks, we can meet your needs at a price suitable for any budget.

There are more than 15 fragrances to choose from, including: apple, cherry, herbal mint, citrus, cucumber, mango and so on.

Keeping the bathroom clean and fresh is not an easy task, but we provide the best toilet supplies to help your guests, customers, and employees keep the bathroom clean and odorless.

What is the use of a urinal screen?

Urinal screens can prevent large pieces of debris from entering the urinal drain and causing a blockage. Biggie urinal screens are odor controllers. The urinal screen is very effective and is the perfect solution for odor control in washroom cleaning. Before using urinal screens, many men’s toilets use hockey-shaped white counter bricks that contain p-dichlorobenzene, a known carcinogen that masks odors and gives off a fragrance.

Before the urinal screen, many men’s toilets use para-brick, a kind of p-dichlorobenzene that contains carcinogens. Para blocks are not now widely used because many states have banned them because of their carcinogenic properties and now choose to use non-urinary side screening.

There are many kinds of screens for urinals. Some urinal screens are simply designed to prevent cigarettes, chewing gum, feces, and other solids from entering the urinal drain and causing a blockage. Like our shield urinal screen, Ultimate 3D and dual-side shield urinal screen, etc.

Others contain enzymes(Spiral series) that dispel organic compounds and give off a pleasant smell.

If there are no enzymes on the urinal screen, then the perfume only masks the smell, not eliminates them.

If you do not use urinals, screens and cushions, urinals may become clogged.

If plunger launching doesn’t work, follow the recommendations on and clean the urinals in six steps:

1. Use a screwdriver to remove the screw from the urinal and remove the drain cover on the inside of the urinal.

2. Add a few inches of water to the inside of the clogged urinal.

3. Put a plunger on the drain in the urinal and push it hard. This removes the blockage near the surface of the drain.

4. If the plunger does not work, insert the drain cable. Turn the screw drill with a crank and slowly insert the cable.

5. Please stop shaking when you feel the cable is clogged. Tighten the crank a little more so that the cable can be connected to the plug.

6. Shake in the opposite direction and pull out the drain drill cable. The clog will fall out, too.


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