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The urinal screens are designed to eliminate odor-causing organisms that grow in the warm and moist environment of a urinal. They can help you to keep your washroom cleaner and fresher.

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Works in Seconds.

Very easy to use, just put one screen in urinal, and urinal odor is gone.

The installation of Biggie Urinal Screen is simple, with the patented design, all you need is to flush the urinal screen occasionally and the urinal screen will automatically clean after use. –> Meet the strictest cleanliness requirements in your washrooms.

Pleasant Fragrances

Urinal Screens With Pleasant Fragrances keep customers captivated.

They are recommended to coffee shops, bars, pubs, discos, theaters, hospitals, airports, hotels, schools, universities, hair salons and other public areas with active traffic.

Innovative Designs Update

We have over 300 designs for urinal screen, trough screen, dual-side screen and enzyme screen. And we can customize products base on customers’ requirement.

Why Choose Biggie Products?


Our production depends on advanced equipments and mature technology.


We focuse on every detailed need required by our customers.


We take serious with after-sales service to improve customer satisfaction

We are here to offer you a whole solution for washroom odor control

Save time and consult with our sales director from the comfort of your home

We will be 24/7 online for anything you want to know

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