All you need to know about Biggie urinal screens

All you need to know about Biggie urinal screens

Urinal screen has become one of the most used forms of odor control when it comes to a pleasant bathroom experience. Even though in modern times, urinal screen gained their popularity exponentially, it was first introduced quite a few years ago. But through experiments and user reviews, the design and implementation process has improved drastically. And as a result, Biggie products has come up with the latest Biggie urinal screens to have the most sensational and fragrant experience.

The necessity of urinal screen to provide a higher standard of hygiene

Urinals are undoubtedly the most potent source of uric salts. And it can cause awful odor for a very long time if not handled properly. Nothing is more frustrating than experiencing bad odor after spending your money and time on building and furnishing the most elegant and perfect bathroom. And this is where Biggie Urinal screens come into play.


The urinal screen catches and traps any kind of debris or other junks that were not supposed to go down the urinal in the first place. This eventually helps you out by a ton and save the hassle of calling a plumber when things go south.


The second most important reason why you must get a urinal screen as soon as possible is because of its fragrance release feature. The urinal screens are designed to mask the unwanted odor with a variety of fragrances. Which at the end of the day provides you with a very pleasing and wonderful bathroom experience.

Splash prevention

The splashing is one of the most unwanted experiences for anyone they have. And by using the best urinal screen by biggie, you will be able to prevent splash and be assured of 100% satisfaction.

Biggie Urinal screen to the rescue 

Biggie has been on the development side of aromatic and cleaning products for more than a decade. And with more than 10 years of experience making urinal screens under our belt, we provide you with some of the most exquisite and functional choices to be your odor control solution.

Does not matter what kind of urinal system you have installed. IF you want the best bathroom with odorless experience with a premium standard for hygiene and comfort, biggie has got your back.

But which one is best for you? Without further ado, let us go through them and find out ourselves.

EVA transparent colored biggie urinal screen 

If you want your urinal screen to not stand but also provide unmatched cleaning service then EVA transparent colored biggie urinal screens are the way to go. In this section you have,

l Wave 1.0 urinal screen air freshener

l  Wave 2.0 urinal screen air freshener

These models provide more than 15 different fragrances to choose from. These products are promised to release more than twice the active element than its counterparts available on the market and also release a pleasant fragrance of your choice which is,

1. Subtle.

2. Effective.

3. Not overpowering.

In addition to that, they will keep things as fresh as they can be for 30 days. They also come with a reminder on the Wave and wind 2.0 urinal screen air freshener to simply change when it’s due time without the hassle of keeping a tab of everything.

Long bristles biggie urinal screen

If you are looking for a way to deal with splashing problems, the long bristle urinal screens by biggie is the key. In addition to providing premium fragrance over the next 30 days of installation, you also get to use a biodegradable, environment-friendly product. So they stand tall against their PVC made counterparts.

The shield-shaped design also fits almost all the urinals and provides the best performance on splash protection.


Dual side bristles urinal screen

This model comes with the ultimate 3D Anti-Splash technology. So if are looking out for a product to prevent splash, this is the perfect urinal screen with the double side bristle to provide urine Anti-Splash.

They are also Eco-friendly and totally biodegradable, recyclable. And proven to produce 10 times more consistent fragrance than the regular PVC urinal screens available on the market.

SPIRAL biological anti-splash urinal screen

With the latest patented innovative design — the combination of biological block and the most pleasing scented EVA screen, this is the best  choice for everyone who wants their high-quality urinal screen to be,

l 100% recyclable

l Using biological enzyme blocker

l Can be used on waterless urinals

Classic biggie urinal screen 

If you are looking for urinal screens that are economical but also provide excellent drain protections then the classic models are the ones for you. The classic models like,

l Urinal screen classic

l Urinal screen light version

l Soccer style urinal screen

l Soccer style urinal screen light version

 Provides great economical feasibility with great value for money. They are designed with pliable screens to trap all the debris, paper buds, or anything that is not meant to go down or to clog up the urinal. But in addition to the excellent drain protection, you also get a touch of fresh scent every time you use the urinal.

The urinal screens are made up of very soft and long-lasting PVC so they fit any sort of design and last for the longest time. 

Urinal screens are one the most used product in the restroom use for the past decade, and for good reasons also. They provide the perfect prevention of the unpleasant sight of a puddle at the bottom of the urinal. But they are not only used for decorative purposes either. Besides improving the appearance of the restroom and providing a long-lasting solution to prevent clogs, they also keep the place smelling clean and pleasing.

The enzymes on the Spiral and Spiral S urine screens also attack any kind of urine salts stuck or formed inside the lines and pipes and dissolves the compound while releasing a fragrance.

But keep in mind that the urinal screens must be changed every 30-40 days, to keep the restroom fresh like always, due to them losing their fragrance and enzyme.


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